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We offer a comprehensive performance assessment to test all of our athletes'  current level of function and athletic ability. These tests are graded and the scores are used to create a starting place in the training program for your son or daughter and they are progressed at the proper speed to stay injury free and maximize athletic potential.

rookie Training

For ages 7-11

Want to get your youth athlete off to a great start? Our Rookie program is a great place for youth athletes to build a solid foundation for athletic development. With a focus on speed, agility, body awareness and relative strength, young athletes will learn the basic training techniques to set them up for long term success. Young athletes will also learn the importance of coaching and accountability, in a fun and motivating atmosphere! 

Junior Varsity Speed & Agility

For ages 9-12

Young athletes looking to learn the fundamentals of movement, plyometrics, speed and agility training will benefit from this program. Focused on teaching our young athletes proper techniques that will serve as a foundation for their athletic base, our Junior Varsity program allows our young athletes to realize their potential on the field of the play.  Each athlete will progress through these fundamentals to more advanced movements providing them with the skills, strength and power that will provide a strong foundation for athletic gains. 

Sports Performance Training

Team training

On site or in house

Our science based, results driven programming has helped not just individual local athletes but entire teams throughout the country.  With our team training services, we provide coaches and teams the necessary tools for success in the weight room, that of course translates to teams playing at the top of their game.  Team Training can be hosted at The Athlete Factory or we can come to your location.  Contact today for information and pricing on Team Training.

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Varsity Strength & Power

For ages 13-18

Our Varsity strength and power program is built for the High School athlete that is looking to take their game to the next level. Each athlete will go through an initial evaluation using the revolutionary Functional Movement Screen as well as The Athlete Factory testing guidelines.  Based off of the testing results, the athlete will begin to properly progress through the strength and power program focusing on injury prevention, core strength, and building explosive power through proper training techniques and coaching. These athletes will be ready to step onto the field or court ready to dominate their competition